Serial killers

Do you like them or not, they are some of the more "interesting" people on this earth. Some of the most scary serial killers are also very intelligent people with big plans and ideas. Here is one of them. TED BUNDY American serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious criminals of the late 20th century. Ted Bundy was born November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont. In the 1970s, he raped and murdered young women in several states. He was connected to at least 36 murders, but some thought he had committed one hundred or more. He was executed in Florida's electric chair in 1989. His charm and intelligence made him something of a celebrity during his trial, and his case inspired many novels and films about serial killers. Theodore "Ted" Bundy started life as his mother's secret shame. Eleanor Cowell was twenty-two years old and unmarried when she had her son Theodore, which scandalized her deeply religious parents. She d

A real miracle

A women body is sold and a woman body sells. It makes the atmosphere better. It advertises. Provokes. Searches. Through it goes communication. With fashion. And in war. Through it you threat. It is decorated. It is desecrated. Celebrated. Made fun of. You admire it. Sell it. Buy it. A women body is talked about. It is looked at. Two women bodies are in tension. Two women bodies are not a threat. It is attractive. If it is by the rules. If it is not, that is okey. That goes away. It matters that it is a womens. It is adored, sometimes selective. Mostly selective. All the time it wears its most wanted part. In a women body you put hormones so it does not change. In a women body you put silicone so it does change. A women body is depilated, painted, it adds up, it takes away, is becomes darker, bigger, smaller. It walks on heels. It is raped. In war, at home, on the street. No matter the age. A women has menstrual bleeding every month. But the TV adds show it

Atheism Why am I an atheist?

The world. The people. The "difference". We are all so similar yet so divided. Maybe the biggest difference we make between us is religion. I believe in this God, you in that, he in more than one and she in none. Where is the difference? I, as an atheist, always struggle with my environment. Family, friends, people I just meet, they all find it very interesting how somebody doesn't believe in God, doesn't need an advice from God or just doesn't turn to him or her ( I am using him/her because we can not be sure what God really is, don't take it offensively it's just an atheist point of view). All the time people will come to me and ask :"Why do you think God doesn't exist, why don't you believe?". For this question I always have the same answer:"Why do you believe God exists when you have never seen him/her?". Simple as that, I just oppose it. I admit that even now when I am writting, and thinking about all of this I am not re

Sexual harassment, is it enough now?

Every day, each second you could become a victim of sexual harassment without even noticing it. We are all witnesses of every day bad behaviour towards women. Seeing all the bad thing happening like rape, mistreatment, abuse, we don't tend to notice the small sings that lead to bigger problems. For many people it is still normal to "compliment" women in an unpleasant way not understanding that saying "What a good  ass.", is the start of something that could lead to a problem. I am not trying to say that people can that easily stop using such terms, especially men, but we should all just try to share awareness among the younger generation about the possibility of such talk leading to something worse. We all say that words are just something that we shoudn't always take serious, because people often say what they don't mean,but that doesn't mean there is no chance of someones words becoming an act that can harm.Anything that costs you your peace is to

The importance of gender equality