A real miracle

A women body is sold and a woman body sells.

It makes the atmosphere better. It advertises. Provokes. Searches.
Through it goes communication. With fashion. And in war.
Through it you threat.

It is decorated. It is desecrated. Celebrated. Made fun of.
You admire it. Sell it. Buy it.

A women body is talked about. It is looked at.

Two women bodies are in tension.
Two women bodies are not a threat.

It is attractive. If it is by the rules.
If it is not, that is okey. That goes away. It matters that it is a womens.

It is adored, sometimes selective.
Mostly selective.

All the time it wears its most wanted part.

In a women body you put hormones so it does not change.
In a women body you put silicone so it does change.

A women body is depilated, painted, it adds up, it takes away, is becomes darker, bigger, smaller.
It walks on heels.
It is raped. In war, at home, on the street. No matter the age.

A women has menstrual bleeding every month. But the TV adds show it as see through blue liquid. In public nor man or women say the word  menstruation.

You talk about a women body. You comment it. Why does it wear that, why is its hair that color, where does it go.

A women body is pregnant.
A women body is nor pregnant.

It goes on abortion, if it wants, or not.

A women body changes its shape, state, address, name.

There are women bodies that have no contact with a men body, only with a women one. Or with non. Those bodies are under a loupe and misunderstood.

A women body has a clitoris. Something mentioned in two rows in a book. It is not inside and it is independent.
There are women bodies that stay without it. Not on their will. Often by the will of other women bodies. In the world of men bodies.

There are women bodies that cover themselves. Sometimes the whole body, sometimes parts.

There are also women bodies that never see the light of the day. Because they are women bodies. Because the women body they are inside of does not want them, because it is female.

A real miracle is that women body.


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