Sexual harassment, is it enough now?

Every day, each second you could become a victim of sexual harassment without even noticing it.
We are all witnesses of every day bad behaviour towards women. Seeing all the bad thing happening like rape, mistreatment, abuse, we don't tend to notice the small sings that lead to bigger problems. For many people it is still normal to "compliment" women in an unpleasant way not understanding that saying "What a good  ass.", is the start of something that could lead to a problem. I am not trying to say that people can that easily stop using such terms, especially men, but we should all just try to share awareness among the younger generation about the possibility of such talk leading to something worse. We all say that words are just something that we shoudn't always take serious, because people often say what they don't mean,but that doesn't mean there is no chance of someones words becoming an act that can harm.Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. Nobody should support joking or unnecessarily talking about somebodies looks.
Complimenting is nice, just keep it on a normal level.


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