Atheism Why am I an atheist?

The world. The people. The "difference".
We are all so similar yet so divided. Maybe the biggest difference we make between us is religion. I believe in this God, you in that, he in more than one and she in none. Where is the difference?
I, as an atheist, always struggle with my environment. Family, friends, people I just meet, they all find it very interesting how somebody doesn't believe in God, doesn't need an advice from God or just doesn't turn to him or her ( I am using him/her because we can not be sure what God really is, don't take it offensively it's just an atheist point of view). All the time people will come to me and ask :"Why do you think God doesn't exist, why don't you believe?". For this question I always have the same answer:"Why do you believe God exists when you have never seen him/her?". Simple as that, I just oppose it. I admit that even now when I am writting, and thinking about all of this I am not really sure. It might seem funny but in one moment I just knew for me God is not real and he won't give me anything. To get it clear I was born in a religious family. We celebrate both Muslim and Orthodox holidays, because my mother is Muslim and my father Orthodox. And I? Well an atheist from the begining. I never really believed that those holidays would make God give us something or that he is watching us and approving, for me it was just a regular day with the family. Guess it just came to me naturaly, even when I am not sure can it come that way. I always thought religion comes after your family shows it to you, and that you wouldn't know it without that, but how did I and up as an atheist than? A mystery indeed.


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